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Commercial Cleaning

Retail Sector Cleaning

Retailers, do you work long hours? Seven day weeks with extra hours for administration tasks? Is cleaning high on your priority list?

Facing daily challenges at work can be very time-consuming. Your commercial cleaning tasks can easily slip down your list of jobs to do. When it comes to thorough cleaning of retail premises and grounds, consistency and regular schedules are essential. However, your staff may not have the time, training or the right equipment to achieve the necessary standard.

outdoor worker cleaning the exterior wall of building through pr

Education Sector Cleaning

How important is the cleaning operation at your school or college?

Successful teaching and learning establishments take education premises cleaning seriously. It is a fundamental requirement for public hygiene.

Primary school happy children make messes as they learn their life skills. Student outside spaces need careful control of litter and food waste. Education premises can be a breeding ground for bacteria and viruses.

outdoor worker cleaning the exterior wall of building through pr

Medical Cleaning Services

Are you looking for help with the cleaning of your surgery or clinic? Hygienic clinical environments are essential for doctors, dentists, other medical service practitioners, their patients and staff.

Ask Kapital Kleening about medical cleaning services. We know what it takes to keep your surgery at the level of cleanliness demanded by the appropriate authorities. We manage facilities cleaning and commercial cleaning contracts. Get a cleaning plan from us that includes particular attention to infection control compliance.

Outdoor floor cleaning with high pressure water jet

Office and Business

Office and IT Equipment Cleaning require particular attention.

We know that keyboards and phones are bacteria breeding grounds. Bacteria and virus contamination control is important. That’s why Kapital Kleening provides a specialist office and IT equipment cleaning service.

Facilities cleaning care helps to stop your employees and colleagues becoming ill and taking time off sick. Establish a regular recommended programme to clean your IT equipment. We can provide both the advice and the products that you need. We monitor the latest innovations and procedures in use in commercial office premises nationwide.

outdoor worker cleaning the exterior wall of building through pr

Hospitality & Leisure

Kapital Kleening wants your customers to enjoy every visit to your Hotel or Leisure Facilities. You need excellent reviews every time. You want customers that return again and again.

Facilities cleaning is vital in your marketplace. Hotel and leisure facilities depend upon high ratings to attract the best customers. Online reviews usually mention how clean the customer found the premises. You know that your receptions areas, rooms, open spaces, corridors and facilities don’t just need to be spotless and comfortable. You need to provide experiences that create a bright talking point.

outdoor worker cleaning the exterior wall of building through pr

Social and Government

Are you responsible for the cleaning facilities for councils or housing associations across the North West of England?

Talk to Kapital Kleening Social and Government Cleaning Services team to help manage your housing stock facilities cleaning requirements.

Whether faced with flood, smoke damage, vandalism or general day-to-day issues, your contract with Kapital Kleening is the best back-up for your peace of mind. Ask about our cleaning policies, procedures, plans, schedules and emergency response services.


Covid-19 (Coronavirus) Decontamination

Find out more information about Coronavirus (COVID-19) Decontamination services.

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