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Retail Sector Cleaning Services

Retailers, do you work long hours? Seven day weeks with extra hours for administration tasks? Is cleaning high on your priority list?

Facing daily challenges at work can be very time-consuming. Your commercial cleaning tasks can easily slip down your list of jobs to do. When it comes to thorough cleaning of retail premises and grounds, consistency and regular schedules are essential. However, your staff may not have the time, training or the right equipment to achieve the necessary standard.

Kapital Kleening Retail Cleaning Services provides professional retail and commercial cleaning for busy schedules. With flexible cleaning plans and prices, there are many options available.

We clean all the areas that the general public will notice as they wander, browse and shop:

  • Details – surfaces, corners, handrails, ledges
  • Glass – windows, mirrors, tables and frames
  • Stop and buy areas – cash desks, payment machines
  • Customer toilet and washroom facilities

The small areas matter to the overall impression of your service standards. Cash desks, telephones, payment machines are equally important. If you have customer toilet and hand wash areas, regular checks and cleaning are vital. A daily schedule for checking and cleaning toilet areas and washroom facilities keeps germs away. Customers will judge your retail environment by the standard of the amenities you provide.

Fully trained Kapital Kleening staff maintain high standards in their appearance. You can rely on our team to be polite and courteous to your customers at all times.

Ensure that you provide the best possible environment for your customers. With regular cleaning, your premises will shine. Maintenance issues identified during the cleaning tasks can save money in the long-run. Early discovery of the smallest problems allows you to keep healthy and safe retail premises.

Ensure customers see you at your best every time they shop with you. Contact Kapital Kleening today. Complete the online contact form, email or telephone to speak to a member of the Kapital Kleening customer services team.

Covid-19 (Coronavirus) Decontamination

Find out more information about Coronavirus (COVID-19) Decontamination services.

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